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Learn to drive with Manual Driving Portsmouth to pass your test, but also to gain an essential skill for life

The driving school in the Uk can cost you very much or at all. Legislation provides a high flexibility of future drivers to qualify for the presence in traffic. I learned from the romanians who have made the school here that the methods can be very different from one applicant to another and… the same results.

A young man who took, last year, my driver’s license in the UK told us that the procedure is quite simple. “You can choose between two variants: to learn the theory and to make your own scheduling on the written exam, then you start driving lessons or start driving at the same time in the and learn, how it is in Romania”.

The first variant, buying books of theory and studying for the written exam, and then enrolled in a driving school, to practice. “After what you’ve learned the theory, as to be able to give the written exam, you must be able to read a number of the car from 20 yards away. That’s the only requirement related to your med

ical condition, apart from the fact that you do not suffer from diseases gender epilepsy. And then, the essential condition is to have made your provisional licence”..
The written exam has two parts: “the theory Test contains 50 questions with variants, and then comes the identification of the hazards, where you are shown 15 video sites, and you need to identify exactly the moment in which might appear to be a risk in traffic. To pass the theory exam you have to take both sides. To video sites you need to get 44 points out of 77, and the questions you need to answer correctly 43 out of 50. It takes in total between an hour and an hour and a half. After the examination you get the answer on the spot”, added the Romanian.
“For me it was very simple to learn the theory, are questions of logic. It’s structured different than the test in Romania and it seemed more concise and more simple. The test for the identification of hazards has given me some headaches, because I hadn’t caught the exact moment in which appear the risk, but the rest was simple.”

Compare the price of trainers

After you get the theory, you choose a driving school and ask an instructor englishman or an instructor roman : “usually, people choose on the recommendations of the instructor, I chose at random.

I got an offer of 20+2 hours for 540 pounds. I saw that the company that I chose to have and instructors Romanian. But I wanted an English cockneys. And I told him from the start, the pe teacher that I want to concentrate on driving, not on theory. In addition to the 22 hours, I’ve driven my car a bunch of hours. You are recommended to do 40 hours of driving and another 20 with my own car”,

The good part is that in the Uk you can drive before you get your license, it is only necessary provisional licence and the presence in the car of a person who has a driving license for at least three years. The and better is that the driving school with an authorized instructor is not mandatory: “Here about 70% of those who take the book don’t do school.

“Theory can learn from books, there are many on the market, or the electronic version on the CD, there are applications on your mobile phone. I have combined the study of books with the tests on the computer. The written exam took is valid for two years, so if you practice, you don’t have to retake the theory.”

A Maximum of 15 minor mistakes at the exam of the led
The practical exam takes an average of 40 minutes in which it tests the driving knowledge of the car and two of the five maneuvers required

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to know: the return of the car, emergency stop, parallel parking, parking in the markup (between two lines) and the return in the intersection. “At the led individually, you are given a route and they tell you that you need to get to the point that by watching the signs. The test doesn’t tell you anything else. The one who is testing you has not allowed you to do things forbidden, like in Romania, to tell you to stop banned to test you. If you do the emergency stop, he must ensure that there is no danger on the street at the time, for example a car that comes from behind.
To the knowledge there are 20 questions in the category of “Show me, tell me” (show me, tell me), that are related to how you realize that you need to change oil or brake fluid or solution for a windscreen or how do you know that you have cuts in the rubber of more than 6 mm. The exam begins with the “Show me, tell me” and you get a question from each. If you can’t answer these, you failed the exam.
I started school in august and I gave the exam in November, but that’s only because the instructor had breaks in the program. On average it can take about 2-3 months, depending on how prepared you are. Where I had expected was to schedule for the exam-driven, because you can’t find at what time you want in what area you want so easily. I made the appointment in September for the month of November. I chose the route from Pinner (north London), which turned out to be a simple one, but, from what I’ve learned, there are trails heavy, such as the one in Hendon.
After you took the practical exam, receive a diploma, with which you can drive till you get your license permanently, that’s what they do. The only thing you need to do is to change car insurance. If, initially, you had a insurance provisional, you now need to take one full.”


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