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Pass Plus

£75.00 DISCOUNT with Hampshire’s Pass Plus Scheme !

What is Pass Plus?

Once you have successfully completed the course you can ring the participating Insurance companies (you will be sent a list by the DSA), to obtain the best discount on your Insurance premium.


To qualify for Hampshire’s Pass Plus Scheme you must:


Live within the Hampshire County Councils local authority area (excludes Southampton and Portsmouth),

Have passed your practical test within the last 12 months,

Be in the 17 - 24 age group,

Use one of the Instructors on the list.

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The course will enable you to:


-Aquire the new skills and knowledge that make up positive driving

-Further develop anticipation skills, plan for and deal with hazards safely

-Understand how to reduce your risk of having a crash

-Maintain a courteous and considerate attitude to other road users

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The course is made up of the following six modules:


-Driving on rural roads,

-Driving in town,

-Driving in all weathers,

-Driving at night,

-Driving on motorways,

-Driving on dual carriageways.

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What is Pass Plus?


Hampshire County Council will pay £75.00 towards the cost of the Pass Plus course directly to your Instructor once you have completed the course consisting of the six modules.

You pay the remainder of the fee to the Instructor at the start of your course.


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