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Manual Driving School – Enjoy Your Driving Lessons In A New Stylish Mercedes A Class

Hatchbackul compact Mercedes-Benz A-Class has received a small facelift in the three years since the launch of the third generation. Details about the news, still.
Mercedes-Benz A-Class facelift (2015): engines more efficient and provided more bogateMercedes-Benz A-Class facelift (2015): engines more efficient and provided more rich


In the three years since the launch of the third generation, hatcbackul german compact Mercedes-Benz A-Class has received a facelift, but don’t expect to see very many updates to the chapter visually, because you’ll be disappointed.
According to the germans, the spoiler in the front is now sharper, the headlights and taillights have been redesigned unobt

rusive, and rear spoiler incorporating the endings for the exhaust system.


How about the interior, A-Class facelift comes with a tool box of board refreshed (the same as the CLA and GLA), as well as a multimedia system improved, which is compatible with Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink, and which can be ordered together with a screen diagonal of eight inches.


News large can be found in the list of engines, which includes powertrains more econom

ical and more powerful. The basic model is called The 160 and it comes with a petrol engine of 1.6 liters with 102 HORSEPOWER, while the diesel base – 180d BlueEFFICIENCY – is put into motion by the unit of 1.5 liter (provenance Renault) with 109 HP and carbon dioxide emissions of 89 g/km.

At the same time, versions Of the 220d and 250 receive each an extra 7 HP, reaching 177 HP, respectively 218 HP for the petrol.


Variant of top, called the A45 AMG, has received, in turn, more power. Thus, the e


ngine 2.0-liter turbo now develops 381 HP and 475 Nm (before boast with 361 HP and 450 Nm), re-becoming the mo


st powerful hot hatch compact premium market, after the Audi RS3 stolen crown AMG before the facelift.

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG is coming with an automatic transmission with seven-speed improved, with the reports shortened for the speeds of the third and seventh, as well as with a differential mechanical for the front axle. With a little help from four-wheel drive system, the A45 AMG facelift accelerates from zero to 100 km/h 4.2 seconds (0.4 seconds faster than before the facelift) and reach up to a maximum speed of 250 km/h, electronically limited.

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